The DJT Meme Coin Saga: LBank Lists Controversial Token Promptly

LBank Exchange
3 min readJun 21, 2024


DJT, a meme coin rumored to be associated with former President Donald Trump, has caused a significant stir in the market. LBank was among the first exchanges to list DJT, highlighting the stark contrast between the blockchain world and traditional finance — No one can predict the ultimate fate of a meme coin, even if its founder has a history of fraud.

Information Asymmetry and Market Hype

Due to its rumored association with Trump, DJT gained widespread attention, driving investor sentiment and market activity. Although these rumors were unverified, they fueled a frenzy, pushing the coin’s market cap to over $400 million at its peak.

However, the situation took a dramatic turn when Martin Shkreli, a figure with a notorious past, revealed himself as the issuer of DJT. Shkreli, infamous for his controversial actions in the pharmaceutical industry, cast a shadow over the coin with his involvement.

The Role of Media and Influencers

The initial hype was stoked by media outlets like Pirate Wires, which hinted at a possible Trump connection without concrete evidence. Key figures in the Trump supporter community, such as Bo Loudon, further boosted the coin’s perceived credibility, leading to price fluctuations in other Trump-related tokens.

Blockchain Analysis and the Issuer’s Revelation

Blockchain data company Bubblemaps and on-chain detective ZachXBT played crucial roles in uncovering the truth. Bubblemaps revealed that a significant portion of DJT’s supply was concentrated in a few addresses, while ZachXBT’s investigation ultimately led to Shkreli’s admission. This revelation came after Arkham Intelligence offered a $150,000 bounty for identifying the coin’s issuer.

Market Reaction and Profit Strategies

Following Shkreli’s disclosure, DJT experienced a sharp decline, with prices dropping by nearly 67% in a single day. Despite this, several insiders profited significantly. For instance, one investor turned $18,800 into $1.04 million within two days. These events underscore the critical importance of timing in the crypto market: knowing when to enter and exit positions is key to maximizing profits.

LBank’s Role and a Broader Perspective

LBank’s decision to list DJT early on underscores the fundamental difference between the blockchain world and traditional finance. In the crypto space, a founder’s controversial history does not necessarily preclude their token from experiencing significant short-term gains. Similar patterns have been observed with other meme coins issued consecutively by the founder of Pond0X, which, despite ultimately failing, generated considerable initial interest and activity each time.

Another example is the meme coin Slerf, which initially accidentally burned all donors’ SOL but still managed to surge over tenfold twice. This further illustrates the unique and unpredictable nature of the crypto market.

LBank’s principle is not to subjectively judge a coin’s potential rise or fall. As long as the token has significant hype and no apparent rugpull risk, it will be listed promptly to provide users with opportunities. The blockchain world is full of twists and turns — who knows what new developments DJT might see?


The DJT saga vividly demonstrates the volatility and opportunities within the cryptocurrency market. It emphasizes the importance of due diligence and strategic trading. While a founder’s history and market rumors can create initial hype, savvy investors must remain vigilant, seize the right moments, and know when to exit to secure their profits.