The Beacon- Gamefi’s future?

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3 min readDec 4, 2022

Recently, a Treasure DAO ecology, pixel-style roguelite game@The_Beacon_GG turned out and attracted many players to participate. The related token $Magic gained 50%+ these two days.

The success of the game shows us an ‘outstanding’ Web3 game is not necessarily to be a 3A masterpiece. What is the secret of this “mini-game” that can attract many players?


The Beacon has three game modes: single-player PvE, multiplayer PvE, and house system. Currently, multiplayer PvE has not been developed yet. As the name suggests in the single-player mode, players will enter the dungeon battle alone, try to stay undead, and finally clear the level. After clearing the level, they will receive NFT/non-NFT as a reward.

Roguelite Style

Thanks to the characteristics of Roguelite: permanent death and procedurally generated levels. It brings some difficulty to The Beacon. The design of the dungeon is not the kind of mini-game that can be passed by killing monsters without brains. In this game, you may need to check the strategy on the Internet (The nightmare of those who never played Rogue-like games). After the game gets passed, you can get treasure box rewards. The stimulation of difficulty and the incentive of treasure boxes let players get positive feedback after passing the level, making people more addicted to it.

The house system

The house system is actually a “house decoration system”, players can collect various house decorations to customize the house. When creating a character at the beginning, the system will automatically generate a blank house for you. Only by playing the game continuously can you get more furniture accessories, and finally you can show and share your cabin with your friends.

Pet Egg Mint

Pet is limited in this game and with a whitelist, you can mint in the following days. The mint whitelist, you can mint in the following days. The mint information is in the chart below:


Another great feature of the game is that it is free to play, which means that players do not need to spend any money to participate in the game experience. After you experience the game, you can also choose to spend a certain amount of money (about $40)to get a paid character by Minting. The paid character will come with a set of initial character skins, house decorations, and some small benefits.

The Beacon is doing an experiment in Web3. If this can succeed, mini-games can be a good development direction for Gamefi in the future.


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