Slerf and LBank Launch Donation Campaign: Over 2600 SOL Raised in 12 Hours for Compensation Initiative

LBank Exchange
2 min readMar 19, 2024

In a remarkable show of solidarity and community support, Slerf, in partnership with LBank, has initiated a donation campaign that has garnered extraordinary attention. Within just 12 hours of its launch, the campaign’s dedicated blockchain address, fCuw5ppJ9aZYzjm8EsT2fHwxV1h5JwUfqXM44iX3Pzb, has received over 2600 SOL, roughly valued at $500K USD. This address is publicly available on the blockchain, ensuring transparency and accessibility for all.

The funds raised through this campaign are earmarked for compensation to users who participated in Slerf’s private sale but did not receive Slerf tokens due to previous operational errors. In a generous move, the community, including those not affected by the mishap, are invited to donate Solana (SOL) to the cause. The collected SOL will be distributed proportionally among the impacted private sale participants.

This initiative comes in the wake of operational mishaps that led to the destruction of all LP Tokens and airdropped tokens intended for the project’s fundraising, as well as the loss of access rights, effectively obliterating the project’s liquidity pool which contained 50,000 SOL.

In response to these challenges, Slerf’s founder has stated that the LBank team will work closely with the community to oversee the donation campaign and subsequent actions, ensuring that the founder will not be involved in any token-related operations.

This compensation effort underscores the commitment of Slerf and LBank to their users and the broader community, demonstrating a steadfast resolve to rectify the situation and rebuild trust.

LBank recently announced the listing of SLERF (SLERF), a meme coin on the Solana blockchain. Trading for SLERF commenced on March 18, 2024, at 17:20 Beijing time, marking a new chapter for the project despite its initial setbacks.

The success of this donation campaign reflects the strength and unity of the Slerf and LBank communities, showcasing an impressive collective response to adversity.

About $SLERF:

$SLERF is a meme coin built on the Solana blockchain, boasting a distinctive charm and a maximum total supply of 499,997,682.03 tokens, injecting both amusement and innovation into the crypto sphere.