LBK (LBank) Bi-Weekly Operation Report (07.01/2021–07.15/2021)


LBank overall profit from July 1 to July 15: 272,345.11 USDT

Bulletin of the 46th Repurchase

Repurchase Time: July 1 to July 15


1. Completed “ZEC 20% Off Sale”, with total orders of 2,611,607 USDT, and actual turnover of 50,000 USDT.


2 AMAs: Invited STPL, RYOSHI, DUKE, BSN, and TABOO project owners with an award of 7,000 USDT equivalent tokens in total.


1. Launch Grid Liquidity Mining with Trigger price, buy grid and sell grid functions

*LBK Market*

From July 1 to July 15, LBK opened at 0.011416 USDT and closed at 0.011617 USDT with the highest and lowest being 0.012501 USDT and 0.009579 USDT respectively, a slightly increase of 1.76%. Basically, it kept in sync with the general market.

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