LBK (LBank) Bi-Weekly Operation Report (07.01/2021–07.15/2021)


LBank overall profit from July 1 to July 15: 272,345.11 USDT


Commission on Spot Trading: 241,662.65 USDT

Commission on Futures: 24,241.67 USDT

Financing Service: 6,440.79 USDT

Repurchase Amount: 217,876.088 USDT=272,345.11 *0.8

Quantity Released: 121,307.274 LBK

*The 46th repurchase will be completed during July 21st — July 31st, after which the specific data of repurchase and burning will be announced on the 47th Bi-weekly Report.

Bulletin of the 46th Repurchase

Repurchase Time: July 1 to July 15

Average Repurchase Price: 0.01054 USDT/LBK

Repurchase Amount: 215,318.904 USDT

Burning Quantity: 20,428,738.51 LBK

*Note: The on-chain data will be updated by July 22


1. Completed “ZEC 20% Off Sale”, with total orders of 2,611,607 USDT, and actual turnover of 50,000 USDT.

2. Completed “GTC 20% Off Sale”, with total order of 2,808,260 USDT, and actual turnover of 50,000 USDT.

3. Completed “MDX 20% Off Sale”, with total order of 2,814,487 USDT, and actual turnover of 50,000 USDT.

4. Launched 「Celebrate the listing of BABYDOGE, and Share 6,000 USDT」activity.

5. Launched Hold MLTP to Airdrop with 7,000 USDT Giveaway.

6. Launched Hold PLUG and LBK to Airdrop 660,000 PLUG Giveaway.

7. Launched STA Global Video Contest to win 32,180 STA

The 96th (June 28 — July 4) with a community node count of 27 and a total of 28,569 LBKs released in a single week, at a LBK price of 0.01100 USDT/LBK at the time of release, equivalent to 314.259 USDT.

The 97th (June 21 — June 27) community node count was 27, with a total of 22,475 LBKs released in a single week, at a LBK price of 0.012000 USDT/LBK, equivalent to 269.700 USDT at the time of release.

From June 16 to June 30, a total of 70,263.274 LBK released in a single week at a price of 0.0114 USDT/LBK, equivalent to 801 USDT.


2 AMAs: Invited STPL, RYOSHI, DUKE, BSN, and TABOO project owners with an award of 7,000 USDT equivalent tokens in total.

Social media sweepstakes with STPL, RYOSHI, and STA, awarding a total of 12,000 USDT equivalent token prizes.


1. Launch Grid Liquidity Mining with Trigger price, buy grid and sell grid functions

2. PC terminal optimization of navigation, login default items, buy crypto, rates display, and other modules.

3. LBank news station and NTF Market products entered the development testing stage.

4. Withdrawal fees support multi-currency options.

5. Adjust the price data type of API quotes and develop the V3 version.

6. Spot wallets supported ten assets such as BABYDOGE, KEEP, RABBIT, NSFW, RYOSHI, COGE, ADA, MINIDOGE, KEANU, FSHIB.

7. ETF area add CHR3L, CHR3S, UNFI3L, UNFI3S.

8. Add CHR, UNFI future trading

*LBK Market*

From July 1 to July 15, LBK opened at 0.011416 USDT and closed at 0.011617 USDT with the highest and lowest being 0.012501 USDT and 0.009579 USDT respectively, a slightly increase of 1.76%. Basically, it kept in sync with the general market.

During this period, LBank launched the LBK Thursday Go sales on three premium projects — ZEC, GTC and MDX with 20 percent discount. Users completed KYC may participate in these sales by holding 50,000 LBK only. In a market environment of low trading, LBank keeps the promise of benefiting its users. We also held an airdrop with PORNROCKET to users who passed KYC and hold more than 1,169,125,727 PORNROCKET. When BABYDOGE got listed, users could share 5,000 USDT according to their deposit proportion, and new registrants would have the chance to get 5U as bonus. 40 USDT would be given to the first 50 registered users during the listing of MLTP. The second qualifying game of the HOKK — LBank Arena of Valors Competition has been completed in a hail and as the game becoming fiercer, it has attracted wide attention from players inside and outside the circle.

The trading volume of LBK is 377M, which is slightly higher than the previous period. As BNB closed up with 1.86% increase, HT with 11.48%, and OKT with 5.11%, LBK performed moderately among the native tokens in this period, better than the general market. The support line is quite strong after several confirmations in a short term. In the long run, it still needs time to prove.




LBank ( ——The World’s Leading Digital Asset Exchange.

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LBank Exchange

LBank Exchange

LBank ( ——The World’s Leading Digital Asset Exchange.

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