LBK Bi-Weekly Operation Report (2020.03.17–2020.03.31)

Product Updates

1. AddedLBK position holding calculator;

2. Supported merging queries for the current delegate;

3. Supported the release of Solar assets in batches;

4. Completed storage capacity expansion of the system;

5. ListedGL, GE, BKS, QNUT, HEX;

6. Optimized the English documentation of API, and improved the instructions and Demo;

7. Adjusted the market price purchase limit and style of web page.

Operational Updates

1. Completed the LBK Solar QNUT sale:

Burned 63,333,333.33 LBK (0.015 USDT/LBK)

Burning Tx Hash:


Burning Address: 0xB8e52B05Faf9490507A0F5E8eD0C286EF0C21EF6

2. Completed two cycles of BTC mining rewards settlement of LBK Cloud-Hashrate from March 16 to March 29, with a total mining rewards of 1.1478016 BTC.

3. Completed GL Net-buying and Trading Competition with 2,000,000 GL Giveaway, which is equivalent to 30,000 USDT.

4. Completed Solar Quota PK Contest for LBK Community, 5 communities were able to share Solar quota equivalent to 49,000 USDT.

5. Launched Community Recruitment Program for Solar with a free Solar quota equivalent to 1,000 USDT.

6. Completed a vote for “support the use of USDT to participate in some project subscriptions and complete the LBK subscription destruction”.

7. Completed Hold LBK to Win BKS Airdrop with 1,220 BKS Giveaway, which is equivalent to 2,000 USDT.

8. Launched HEX Q&A Airdrop with 45,000,000 HEX Giveaway, which is equivalent to 22,500 USDT. As of the release of this bi-weekly report, the activity is still underway.

9. From March 16,2020 to March 29,2020, the income of total transaction fee is 212,505.74 USDT. The community node released 2 times, at a release rate of 20%.

From March 16 to March 22 2020, the total community nodes is 27 and the transaction fees of the nodes is 103,789.31 USDT. Weekly total amount of node release is 1,339,216.903 LBK and the release price of LBK is 0.0155 USDT/LBK which is equivalent to 20,757.862 USDT.

From March 23 to March 29, the total community nodes is 27 and the transaction fees of the nodes is 108,716.43 USDT. Weekly total amount of node release is 1,499,536.966 LBK and the release price of LBK is 0.0145 USDT/LBK which is equivalent to 21,743.286 USDT.

From March 17 to March 31, user’s weekly lockup release is 26,226,605.8 LBK. The price of LBK during the release is 0.0143 USDT/LBK, which is equivalent to 375,040.46 USDT.

Note: The transaction fees of the node are released week by week.

Marketing Activities

Launched the 18th phase (03.09–03.15), the 19th phase (03.16–03.22) and the 20th phase (03.23–03.29) of LBK “You Propose, We’ll Change” activity. A total of 7 users’ feedback have been received and 4 of them have been solved, the rest 3 of them will be solved within this month. During the half month report announcement, LBank is collecting the users’ feedback for the 21st phase activity.

LBK Quotation Summary

Since the LBK project opened quotation at the price of 0.015 USDT from August 12th, 2019, after the sharp rises and corrections in the early stage, the price during the past half month fluctuated between 0.0127 USDT and 0.0168 USDT. From August 13th, 2019 to April 1, 2020, total volume is around 16,817,000,000 LBK. From March 18 to April 1, total volume is around 1,309,479,000 LBK.

In terms of 4 Hour K Line, the price of LBK was relatively stable and trading volume fell slightly in the last two weeks; in this period, the highest price reached 0.0168 USDT at 20:00 on March 23 and the lowest price reached 0.0127 USDT at 16:00 on March 18.

From 18:00 on March 18, LBK price formed a rising channel and showed an overall upward trend. The price continued to rise from 0.0127 USDT to 0.0157 USDT at 8:00 on March 20. And then the price fluctuated between 0.0132 USDT and 0.0153 USDT in the next two days. As the price of mainstream currency rose at 19:00 on March 23, the price trend of LBK was the same, rising about 10.5% in two hours, and the price reached 0.0168USDT at 20:00 on the same day.

LBK price reached 0.0155 USDT at 14:00 on March 27. Then the price ended rising and fluctuated between 0.0130 USDT and 0.0148 USDT in the following days.

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