LBank’s Decision to List $RBE: A Fresh Approach in Crypto Space

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3 min readMay 27, 2023

Did you miss out on RFD? Then you definitely don’t want to miss RBE! The new coin, $RBE, was quietly deployed to a V3 uni pool on March 22, consisting initially of 15 ETH and 75% of RBE tokens. There was no public announcement, no tweets, no website — absolutely nothing.

The contract with the following address: 0x32f044dA25218598D4238A4fc6826Ac4ebb97e9E was released. A Twitter user named @bloodmong meticulously analyzed the contract, uncovering some intriguing details hidden within the blockchain.

One particularly interesting transaction can be found at with a message saying, “The floodgates are currently calm, only to open when the time is exactly correct.”

Eight hours later, a new revelation came to light: “If you are still here you passed the first test. Look closely at the contract, our deep RBE V3 liquidity is locked as long as there is a continuous activity.

Communication channels are being created to talk to the REBATE family being formed. You shouldn’t want a full REFUND, just a well-deserved perpetual REBATE for your efforts.”

The contract has stipulated that LP will be permanently locked (as long as the Ethereum chain continues to produce blocks). However, developers can still collect fees from the uniV3 pool.

With the remaining tokens, developers have been continually adding liquidity, embodying the spirit of “taking from the public for the public’s good.”

In terms of community, the project initially had no official website or Telegram channel. A few hours after its creation, the first official Twitter handle was launched, maintaining a certain air of mystery. After some in-depth searches on Twitter, there seemed to be scant conversation about $RBE.

That all changed yesterday afternoon when @bloodmoon created a Telegram channel, rallying the community and sparking discussion. A website was subsequently established by @0xFadeETH at

All things considered, $RBE resembles RFD in several ways, essentially acting as a replica. However, crucial differences lie in its operations. There’s no individual like “blurr” openly supporting it; instead, the developers, akin to Satoshi Nakamoto, use the blockchain to communicate with the public.

They employ a more advanced uniV3 pool contract, permanently securing liquidity, and autonomously adding liquidity to support the price. Initially, no tokens were distributed for big V’s to promote, but instead, the coin gained momentum purely through community engagement. The official $RBE Twitter handle is @rebateerc.

Community-built Telegram:

Community-built website:

These unique characteristics and robust community support are the main reasons why LBank has shown interest in listing $RBE. This decision showcases LBank’s commitment to promoting novel and community-driven projects in the cryptocurrency sector.

The story of $RBE’s development and its innovative approach could be seen as a new chapter in the constantly evolving crypto narrative.

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