LBANK Welcomes Switch(SWITCH): The Next Generation of Blockchain Financial Services

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4 min readJun 13, 2023

LBANK is thrilled to announce the upcoming listing of the Switch Token (SWITCH) on our platform. This is the first Centralized Exchange listing for the Switch Token.

About The Switch Token

The Switch Token was launched on the decentralized exchange Uniswap on February 23, 2023.

Since its launch it has been listed on CoinGecko, CoinMarketCap and has had an average trading volume over $100,000 on the decentralized exchange.

The community surrounding the Switch Blockchain continues to grow in numbers on platforms such as Twitter, Discord and Reddit. At time of this writing the SWITCH ERC-20 token was held in over 1800 individual wallets, which can be verified by the Etherscan block explorer.

Whereas some tokens are created from ICOs, or Initial Coin Offerings, the SWITCH Token is minted on and by the Switch Blockchain as a digital reward for node owners who own and host node licenses that power the blockchain. The SWITCH Token is an ERC-20 Token that has been bridged over to the Ethereum Network from the Native Switch Blockchain. SWITCH will have a Max Supply of 50 Billion Tokens.

The Switch Blockchain is managed by the community of node owners and driven by a Distributed Governance Framework (DGF) Charter that was voted in and approved by node owners. Switch Reward Card (the company) has no authority or control over the community-led Switch Blockchain.

About Switch Reward Card

Switch Reward Card is a blockchain-based financial services company delivering products for its users. Switch Reward Card offers debit payment solutions for both traditional and cryptocurrencies around the world.

Switch is a unique payment ecosystem composed of the Switch App, the Switch Card, and the Switch Network. Each component plays a vital role in fostering a more secure, predictable, and reliable payment environment that organically incentivizes strong user advocacy.

The Switch App is a convenient and easy-to-use payment service and digital asset trading platform. This software application enables users to send and receive blockchain-based payments that are secure, irreversible, and near-instant. It is the glue that ties the ecosystem together and allows Switch members to enjoy benefits that are not possible on legacy payment platforms. The Switch Trading Platform offers users both a custodial and a self-custody wallet giving users more control over their assets.

Why Switch is Joining LBank?

LBank recognizes the immense potential of Switch in providing a robust and decentralized blockchain network for financial services. Switch’s innovative protocols, the commitment to a decentralized system, and forward-looking financial services reflect our own commitment to providing our users with the best and most advanced blockchain technologies. By listing SWITCH, we provide our users with an opportunity to participate in a groundbreaking ecosystem and be part of the next generation of blockchain financial services.

Benefits to Participants

By listing SWITCH on LBank, LBank users get an opportunity to participate in a unique and promising DeFi project. The Switch Blockchain brings a multitude of benefits to its users and community members:

Decentralization: As we all aim for full decentralization, the Switch Blockchain is a decentralized global node network of community members.

Decentralization: As we all aim for full decentralization, the Switch Blockchain is a decentralized global node network of community members.

Fostering Innovation: Being part of the Switch Community means that community members are directly involved in an ecosystem that fosters innovation in blockchain-based financial services.

Rewards: Switch node owners and community members can receive Switch Digital Rewards for their participation in the blockchain for actions such as hosting a Switch Node. Future Action Items to be rewarded include activity with the Switch Card Program and trading activity on the Switch Trading Platform.

Community Governance: Control over the SWITCH distribution lies with the Switch Blockchain Distributed Governance Framework (DGF), managed by and comprised of node owners. This gives participants an opportunity to have a say in the future direction of the ecosystem.

Join us at LBannk as we welcome this revolutionary addition to our platform. As always, we continue to work towards providing you with the best cryptocurrency trading experience and the most exciting investment opportunities in the blockchain space. Welcome to the future of blockchain financial services with Switch and LBANK!

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