LBank Weekly Report (06/12~06/20)

LBank Weekly Report
  1. $NABOX invested by LBK Labs in strategic round has been firstly listed on LBank with the highest increase of 420 percent!

Following the initial listing of $GTC(GITCOIN) in early June, which soared all the way up and went live in COINBASE and BINANCE later, LBank listed another hot project — NABOX on Jun 8, which is also invested by LBK Labs in its strategic round.

NABOX is to create a revolutionary cross-chain wallet built for Web 3.0. With Nabox, users are able to manage their assets including transfer and make signatures across various chains, including Ethereum, BSC, Heco, NULS etc for now, forming the foundation of the cross-chain capabilities of NerveNetwork.

As the first CEX to list $Nabox, LBank supports Ethereum, BSC, Heco and other protocols at the same time. $NABOX has increased by 420 percent so far!

2. LBank initialed the APY of static rewards for Memecoins, and launched the MEME projects’ APY ranking!

(picrure/ the live data of static rewards APY on Jun 18)

The recently listed MEME trading zone on LBank is a section that brings together a number of projects with static rewards mechanisms, which holders will get rewards generated from transfer fees according to certain contract and distributed automatically by LBank. There has been a total of 27 trading pairs listed, an increase of 11 trading pairs since last week, among which are hot MEME projects such as SAFEMOON and ELONGATE. With the great support from projects team, LBank once again proves its significant presence in global Meme trading.

All the static rewards will be distributed automatically to LBank users. According to the data above, some tokens such as $SMOON has registered a static rewards APY of over 100- percent, which suggestes that hodlers will receive a 100-percent return without any transactions. The static rewards plays an important role in stabilizing the token price, expanding the community and creating a sustainable wealth effect.

Trading MEME: [log in home page]-[trade]-[MEME]

3. Another 3 trading pairs are newly supported in the Trading Bot of LBank — $LAT/ USDT, $XCH/USDT and $1INCH/USDT

Grid Trading, a platform launched by LBank at the beginning of 2021, provides foolproof trading strategy for users to obtain stable quantitative trading returns in a tumbling market. At the same time, users can enjoy free spot trading if they apply for membership of LBK (link: In this way, users will be able to participate in grid trading with lower arbitrage spreads.


Grid trading:




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LBank Exchange

LBank Exchange

LBank ( ——The World’s Leading Digital Asset Exchange.

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