LBank to Launch 「WeStarter(WAR)」USDT SPECIAL SALE

Dear LBank users:

LBank will launch the “WeStarter(WAR)” special sale on April 29. The total amount of this sale is WAR equivalent to 30,000 USDT, the “LBK Special” enjoys an equivalent of 15,000 USDT and the “USDT Special” enjoys an equivalent of 15,000 USDT. The “USDT Special”participation rules are as follows :

Purchase time:19:00–20:00 on April 29, 2021 (UTC+8)

Purchase Supply:15,000 USDT equivalent WAR

Purchase Currency:USDT

Subscription price: 1 WAR=0.25 USDT

Subscription model: weighted average

Participation conditions: need to pass KYC verification

Purchase result announcement:

LBank will announce the subscription result within 1 hours after the subscription ends. USDT used for subscription will be deducted. The actual subscription limit will be calculated within 1 hours, and the following processing will be completed:

1 Deduct the USDT that has actually been successfully subscribed;

2 USDT refunded after deducting the subscription fee;

3 Complete the distribution of the subscription currency.

Estimated time to launch: April 29, 21:00 ,2021 (UTC+8)

LBK Labs Investment Announcement

LBK Labs invests in WeStarter (WAR).

About WeStarter(WAR)

WeStarter is a cross-chain token initial swap platform which based on HECO network. Through the fluency of the product and sufficient industry resources, it carries the requirement of funds and resources for a variety of asset types. With the role of gatekeeper, through the decentralized incentive and governance mechanism of tokens, to achieve the goal of selecting high-quality assets.


Actual account subscription limit = (account valid subscription limit)/(total subscription total on the day) * (total Token sales limit on the day)


Users need to complete identity verification (KYC) and not be in the following countries or regions to participate in the sale of this project.

List of countries or regions restricted to participate: Belarus, Republic of Congo, Iran, Mainland China, Iraq, North Korea, Sudan, Syria, United States of America and its territories (American Samoa, Guam, Northern Mariana Islands, Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands) ), Zimbabwe.




LBank ( ——The World’s Leading Digital Asset Exchange.

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LBank Exchange

LBank Exchange

LBank ( ——The World’s Leading Digital Asset Exchange.

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