LBank to Launch the “LBK Membership” Mechanism with four Exclusive Privileges for LBK Members

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2 min readApr 9, 2020


Dear LBank users:

In order to improve the ecological construction of LBK community and provide better transaction and use experience for LBK community members, LBank will launch the “LBK Membership Mechanism” at 16:00 on April 13, 2020 (UTC + 8). After becoming a LBK member, you can obtain four exclusive privileges of LBK member.

Exclusive privileges of LBK members:

1. 0 trading fee for spot transactions;

2. Exclusive airdrop prize pool;

3. Exclusive customer service;

4. Monthly research and investment of internal reference.

Launch Time: From 16:00 on April 13, 2020 (UTC+8)

Subscription Amount: 1,000 LBK per month, as low as 33.33LBK per day.

Open Channel: LBK Members Open Channel

* LBK membership privileges are effective immediately upon purchase and are valid for 30 days.

* After becoming the LBK member, provide the subscription successful screenshot or your LBank account to LBank online customer service or LBank official WeChat/Telegram staff to join the LBK membership group and begin to enjoy the privilege.

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