LBank to Launch “MOYU Net-buying Contest” to Share 50,000 MOYU

LBank Exchange
1 min readOct 13, 2020


Dear LBank users:

To celebrate the listing of MOYU, LBank will launch MOYU Net-buying Contest at 18:00 on Oct14, 2020 (UTC+8), The details are as follows:

Total Reward: 50,000 MOYU

Time: One day is counted from 18:00 on the previous day to 18:00 on the current day. Last 5 days

Participation Condition: Users need to complete the KYC Verification. Net-buying ≥600 MOYU

Activity Rules:

Ranking Rewards

№1:5,000 MOYU

№2:3,000 MOYU

№3:2,000 MOYU

№4–10:1,000 MOYU for each,10,000 MOYU for total

№11–20:800 MOYU for each,8,000 MOYU for total

№21–30:600 MOYU for each,6,000 MOYU for total

№31–40:400 MOYU for each,4,000 MOYU for total

№41–50:200 MOYU for each,2,000 MOYU for total

Encouragement Rewards

The top 400 users with minimum net-buys greater than 600 MOYU are able to receive 25 MOYU each. Ranking rewards and encouragement rewards cannot be received both.


  1. Net-buy = Buys — Sells — Withdrawal;
  2. Rewards will be distributed within 3 working days after the event;
  3. Wash trading and any cheating conduct are prohibited. Otherwise, LBank has the right to deprive the prize.
  4. The right of final interpretation of this activity belongs to LBank.