LBank to Launch Leveraged ETF products -RVN、FIL、RSR

LBank Exchange
1 min readMar 16, 2021

Dear LBank users:

LBank will launch RVN、FIL、RSR leveraged ETF products at 16:00(UTC+8) on March 16.

Tokens including:

Welcome to trade.You can use the financial product to magnify your profit in the easiest ways ever by buying (long) or selling (short).

Investment risk tips:

  • Leveraged ETF is a tradable product that tracks three times the daily profit of underlying assets.
  • Users shall pay attention to the gap between the actual net value of the product and the latest price when placing an order. If you put the order in the opposite direction, there is a risk that the price will approach zero in extreme conditions. This product subjects to the derivative with high risk. Please watch out the risk in investment.

More Details: Guide for Leveraged ETF (Details)