LBank to Launch Futures products -ATOM、VET、LINK、DEFI

Dear LBank Users:

LBank will launch ATOM/USDT 、VET/USDT、LINK/USDT、DEFI/USDT Futures products at 15:00(UTC+8) on August 28

Tokens including:

DEFI is an index of comprehensive decentralized finance projects, weighted by the prices of multiple decentralized finance projects. The DEFI index can better reflect the general trend and rise and fall of project prices in the entire decentralized finance market.

The projects included in the DEFI index are:BAND(Band Protocol)、COMP(Compound )、KAVA(Kava)、KNC(Kyber Network)、LEND(Aave)、LINK(Chainlink)、MKR(Maker)、SNX(Synthetic Network Token)、SXP(Swipe )、ZRX(0x)



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