LBank to Launch “DBNK Net-buying Contest” to share 600,000 DBNK

Dear LBank users:

To celebrate the listing of DBNK, LBank will launch DBNK Net-buying Contest at 18:00 on Feb 9, 2021 (UTC+8), The details are as follows:

Total Reward: 600,000 DBNK

Activity Period: 2021/02/09 18:00–2021/02/15 18:00 (UTC+8)

Participation Condition: Users need to complete the KYC Verification.

Rules:The top 100 users with min. net-buy amount of 10,000 DBNK can receive the following airdrop:

Top 1: 250,000 DBNK

Top 2: 120,000 DBNK

Top 3: 60,000 DBNK

Top 4: 30,000 DBNK

Top 5: 10,000 DBNK

Top 6–10: 6,000 DBNK/each

Top 11–100: Share 100,000 DBNK based on the proportion of their net-buy amount respectively.


1. Net-buy = Buys — Sells — Withdrawals

2. The prize will be distributed to your account within 5 workdays after the promotion ends.

3. Wash trading and any cheating conduct are prohibited. Otherwise, LBank has the right to deprive the prize, even freeze the account.

4. LBank reserves the right to cancel or amend the promotion and related rules at our sole discretion.




LBank ( ——The World’s Leading Digital Asset Exchange.

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LBank Exchange

LBank Exchange

LBank ( ——The World’s Leading Digital Asset Exchange.

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