LBank to Launch Airdrop of Holding FIL to Share STAR

Dear LBank users:

LBank will list STAR/USDT trading pair on 16: 00, Nov.27th, 2020(UTC+8). STAR is the forkcoin of Filecoin. To reward users who hold FIL, LBank will launch the airdrop of holding FIL to share STAR. The detail is as following:

Time: 11/21–11/25

Ratio: 10FIL=1STAR

Rule: The airdrop will last 5 days in which LBank randomly takes snapshots of FIL amount held by users every day, and the amount of STAR airdropped is 1/50 of the current snapshotted FIL amount.


Rewards will be released within 3 working days after the airdrop is closed.

About Filestar

FileStar has implemented a more reasonable distributed storage incentive mechanism based on Filecoin through technological innovations, refined design for economic model and governance mechanism, and has gradually evolved from distributed storage to distributed Internet incentive layer. FileStar will realize the optimal use of computing, bandwidth, and storage resources, and eventually become the physical world infrastructure for building Web3.0.




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