LBank to Launch a Voting Campaign to Support the Use of USDT to Participate in Some Project Subscriptions and Complete the Burning of LBK

LBank Exchange
2 min readMar 25, 2020


Dear LBank users:

Recently, a large number of community users have received feedback that the current price of LBK is relatively low and the cost of using LBK to participate in the project is relatively high.After earnest discussions by the LBank team and fully adopt to the suggestions of some community nodes and community users, they launched a voting campaign to support the dredging of some projects to use USDT to subscribe and complete the LBK repurchase and destruction since March 27.After the subscription is over, the subscription proceeds will be used to purchase LBK in the secondary market to complete the repurchase and destruction activities within a two-week period. All users holding LBK spot assets can participate in the voting, and we will strictly follow and execute the results of this voting after the voting.

Voting Time: March 25, 2020, 20:00-March 26, 2020 20:00 (UTC+8)

Voting Token: Spot LBK

Voting Method:Voting is limited to the use of LBK spot assets, and users can vote for any method they accept, and there is no limit on the number of single votes.

Selection Criteria: Adhering to the concept of “community autonomy”, the voting option with the highest number of votes at the time of voting is the only voting result of this voting activity and is implemented;

Voting LBK Status:The LBK participating in the voting is frozen during the event, we will return it within three days after the end of all voting.

Tips:The LBK that is locked in the voting will also be counted in the snapshot position used to calculate the release rate of the LBK. The dynamic release rate of the LBK will not slow down due to participation in the voting lock.


In the event of cheating on cheating and illegal activities, we will directly cancel the online qualification of related items in LBank and cancel the relevant rewards of relevant voters.

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