LBank listed $Bonk!

LBank Exchange
3 min readJan 6, 2023

$Bonk has recently been listed on LBank and is now available for trading with the USDT pair in the Innovation Zone. Deposits were enabled at 8:00 UTC on January 4, 2023, and trading opened at 10:00 UTC on the same day. Withdrawals will be enabled at 8:00 UTC on January 6, 2023.

Bonk has seen impressive growth in the past 24 hours, with a surge of 184% and a market capitalization of over $150 million. This has led some to believe that Bonk may be a saving grace for the Solana blockchain. The recent price increase and high market capitalization show that Bonk has resonated with many investors and has the potential to significantly impact the Solana ecosystem.

About $Bonk

Meme tokens have become a popular trend in the cryptocurrency world, and the latest one to make waves is Bonk on the Solana blockchain. According to the Bonk website, the total supply of Bonk is 100 trillion, with 50% of the airdrop allocated to the Solana community. Of this, 20% will go to Solana NFT projects (totaling 40 projects) including 297,000 individual NFTs, 15% will go to early Openbook traders, 10% will go to Solana artists and collectors, and 5% will go to Solana developers. The remaining 50% will be distributed to the Bonk team (5%), marketing (5%), initial liquidity distribution (5%), BonkDAO (15%), and early contributors (20%).

Bonk has announced partnerships with DegenApeAcademy, MonkDAO, BOOGLE, Communi 3, DeGods, and y00ts. However, the decision to include DeGods and y00ts in the airdrop has sparked debate in the community, as they are set to leave the Solana ecosystem. Interestingly, the founders of DeGods and y00ts, Frank, initially had a negative opinion of Bonk but later apologized and called it an “incredible” and “great community project” after seeing the excitement it generated.

Bonk is the first mass-market Solana dogecoin and was created in opposition to the “Alameda” token economics, which has produced fraudulent tokens like FTT, SRM, OXY, and MAPS on Solana. These tokens are characterized by low circulation and high FDV, making them easier to manipulate and disrupt the market, causing significant losses for most investors. Bonk aims to create a fun meme coin that gives everyone a fair chance and doesn’t allow for price manipulation. Bonk also has a strong focus on community involvement, with plans to use a portion of the airdrop to fund community projects and initiatives. Bonk also has a meme game on the Solana blockchain created by community member 0xbustos. The game features a Shiba Inu dog hitting SBF (you can say he’s now Solana’s mascot) on the head with a baseball bat. Players can start the game by using Bonk tokens.

For more information about Bonk, you can visit their website at or check out their whitepaper at

You can also view the Bonk blockchain on the Solana explorer at

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