LBank Hosts Successful AMA with SLERF on Future Innovations and Updates

LBank Exchange
3 min readMay 16, 2024

On May 11th, 2024, LBank hosted an engaging and informative AMA with SLERF, attracting an impressive audience of over 87K participants. The AMA, led by LBank’s Muha, provided a valuable platform for the SLERF community to gain insights into the project’s current developments and future plans.

Grumpy, a key figure in SLERF’s marketing and project management, began the session with an introduction and an overview of his involvement in the cryptocurrency space. Reflecting on the robust support from the community and exchanges like LBank, Grumpy expressed heartfelt gratitude, stating, “The journey has been incredibly rewarding. I cherish the opportunity to connect with everyone and celebrate what we’ve achieved together. The sense of camaraderie and the positive impact we’ve made feel genuinely heartwarming.”

A significant portion of the discussion focused on the innovative approach to handling donations and refunds after a challenging period for SLERF. Grumpy explained, “After the incident, we were unsure how to proceed, so we started hosting spaces to brainstorm solutions. It was during these discussions that the idea of donations emerged, thanks to numerous suggestions from the community.” So far, SLERF has raised about $30,000 to $31,000 of their $53,000 goal, conducting multiple rounds of refunds and covering 97% of participants. “We’re optimistic about gathering the necessary funds to complete the initiative,” Grumpy added.

Looking ahead, Grumpy shared exciting news about the upcoming NFT release. “Currently, we’re in the final stages of finalizing our minting contract. We’re working closely with OKX to ensure smooth integration with their platform. We expect to complete this shortly and plan to announce the official mint date within the next week and a half,” he said. The SLERF Index, likened to a Pokédex for Pokémon, will allow users to explore all NFTs, their traits, and the entire collection before minting begins. “We’ve successfully sold 5,000 units so far, which is great news. This means we have half of the collection ready to be distributed on our declaration day,” Grumpy noted.

The session also highlighted the crucial role of community feedback in shaping SLERF’s journey. “We genuinely value every suggestion from our community. Given that we operate as a community-run project without any team tokens, nearly everything we’ve accomplished has been driven by community members,” Grumpy emphasized. This collaborative effort has significantly influenced the project’s direction, reflecting the pivotal role of the community in guiding SLERF.

In conclusion, the AMA provided a comprehensive overview of SLERF’s recent developments, particularly the NFT issuance plan and donation activities. Grumpy’s insights and the active participation from the community underscored the project’s vibrant and diverse nature. As the session wrapped up, anticipation for SLERF’s future initiatives and partnerships remained high, promising an exciting journey ahead for the project and its supporters.

This successful AMA hosted by LBank showcases the power of collaboration and community engagement in driving innovation and progress within the cryptocurrency space.