LBank has launched the Third “LBK Voting Listing” — 8 Projects Fight for Free Listing on the LBank Exchange

In order to enrich the LBK ecology and provide listing opportunities for more great projects, LBank has introduced the LBK Voting Listing model. The winner can list on the LBank Exchange for free.

The third LBK Voting Listing will start at 18:00 on January 7th, 2020, with rules below:

Voting Time: January 7th 18:00, 2020 — January 22nd 18:00, 2020

Voting Currency: LBK

Voting Method: Users can vote via LBK for any projects they want to see listed on LBank, and there is no limit to the number of votes for an individual user.

Daily Voting Time: One day is counted from 18:00 of the previous day to 18:00 of the current day.

Evaluation Criteria: The top ranked project at the end of voting will be regarded as the project which was selected by the LBK community and can be listed on the LBank Exchange for free.

Voting Reward: Voting will eventually result in one project with the most votes. The winning project will airdrop a certain number of token rewards to the voters who voted for their project. The token reward amount will be announced prior to voting.

Voting LBK Condition: LBK used for voting is frozen during the activity and will be returned within one working days after the conclusion of voting.

* Tips: LBK locked in the voting will be counted by the snapshot position, which calculates the release speed of the LBK token. The dynamic release speed of LBK will no longer be slowed by voting lockup.

Airdrop Reward Method: Weighted average. The airdrop token reward will be distributed to the voters of the winning token according to the users’ voting time and the proportion of the votes to the total votes of the winner. The division of the voting reward will be calculated by the following formula: total airdrop rewards user obtains through voting = total token rewards amount of airdrop * (LBK voting number * LBK lockup date) / (daily total increased voting number * LBK lockup date). The earlier the vote is, the higher the weighting and higher the reward.

Example: Total token reward of project A * (100*15) + (200*14) +……+ (50*1))}/{(10000*15) + (10000*14) +……+(10000*1)}

The details of 8 projects participating in this cycle of the “LBK Voting Listing” program are as following:


TokenTuber is a blockchain video platform for global users combined with the token economy. It is committed to reducing the threshold for beginners and accelerating the popularity of digital assets. TokenTuber provides one-stop services such as investor education, assisted decision-making, fast trading, and Dapp entry to help investors better enter the gate of the blockchain world.


BlockBurn is a revolutionary cryptocurrency that facilitates an increase in the value of its native token, BURN, by decreasing the supply rate of the coin with every transaction. It’s worth noting that the idea behind this project is to maintain a feasible value for our token, which informed the reason why we opted for a 2% reduction in the supply of the coin per transaction. From another perspective, the value of the token continues to be on the increase, as more transactions are facilitated with it.


OKGS is a coin that operates globally aimed to replace faith based problematic fiat currency and bring back the use of “money” that will rise in value to beat inflation rates and can be used globally without threat of loss, theft or unfair confiscation.


BUY ++ is a blockchain project led by Softbank Global e-commerce leader, Sonny Cui, data scientist at Massachusetts State University, HAIGEN WU, head of corporate big data at Microsoft Asia Pacific Research Center, and Dunstan, an early (2009) BTC investor. And the seed period investment by KING Capital.The project officially landed in April 2019 and can be tested internally. BUY ++ introduces blockchain technology to provide merchants with anti-counterfeit traceability, and provides users with privacy protection, data management, and personal data transactions.


CryptoBonusMiles (CBM), a universal bonus miles platform with loyalty multi-wallet, invites you to join and earn extra rewards in your favorite airlines loyalty programs.At present CryptoBonusMiles (CBM) is at the final stages of integration with the major airlines. Ultimately over 150 airlines will be supported with truly global coverage.


Aeron aims to create “the airline in your pocket”-a smart blockchain-based solution. The pilot uses the pilot application for personal flight log entry. The company app uses mobile phones and validates data from aircraft operators, maintenance agencies, flight schools and fixed base operators. If any Aeron data source does not match the data between air traffic control, pilot or operator, aviation authorities can quickly detect and troubleshoot the problem.


BHT will provide self-built data models, data engines and indexing mechanisms to provide ecological users with a visual, convenient and fine-grained analysis of their own, provide special dimensional data transfer services and data analysis application systems, and provide users with a one-stop A platform-level solution for decentralized data applications and Internet services.


Justalk is an instant messaging and wallet app made for the crypto world. The app provides privacy protection for users through its point-to-point data transmission service. Users have complete ownership and control over their data, and need not worry about information leak of any kind.Its own cryptocurrency, JUST, is one of the first mobile-enabled digital currency for ordinary people.


1. If there is cheating or illegal activities, we will cancel the relevant voters reward directly.

2. LBank as a platform will support an airdrop reward to the users who participated in the LBK Voting Listing. The projects who participate in the voting should contact LBank before the voting to confirm the airdrop rewards for the voting users.

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