LBank Crypto Market Daily(Mar 4)


BTC hit a daily high of 53,637 with the lowest being 47,055 yesterday. The resistance level was at 52,000, it is expected to get support at 50,000 in a short term. The price yesterday broke out 52,000 and fell back. If gets support at 50,000, there is a high probability that the price will penetrate resistance level and rise again. If not, the market is still in correction. Investors are advised to close position if the price fails to penetrate the resistance level.


The daily high of ETH was 1,657.0 yesterday with the lowest being 1,455.3. The resistance level was 1,750 and the estimated support level would be 1,550. There was a marginally rebound while the rising trend was still lag behind compared with the whole crypto market. Statistics shows that, however, the ETH whale wallet address has increased by 1,030,000, which means buying is still continuing. It is promising when turn occurs. In the short term, there is no clear sign of a trend shift. Investors are still advised selling limit when the price gets near to the resistance level.


BCH was seen a daily of 555.7 yesterday with the lowest being 501.4. The resistance and support level was at 550 and 510 respectively. The price of BCH has climbed for two consecutive days, and there was a relatively high turnover rate even in a still turbulent market. A rising trend is expected near the new support level. With the rebound continuing, the price of BCH may keep growing. It is advised for investors to holding a small amount of position to wait and see.


The daily high of XRP was at 0.4680 yesterday, and the lowest was at 0.4220. The resistance level was at 0.5000 and the support level was at 0.3900. The market is still in turbulence. XRP rose again after fell back to the open price yesterday. Although the correction is ongoing, it will keep climb in a short term. We can keep an eye on the resistance level. If the squeeze continues at the resistance level, investors can consider to hold fair position.


DOT has a daily high at 38.67 yesterday with the lowest being 34.40. The resistance and support level was at 42 and 36 respectively. It kept a rising trend and may hit a new high. The price of DOT climbs stably, and there is a high probability of surging in a short term. Investors holding short position can buy in a small amount, and can still hold if not sell limit yet.


UNI saw a daily high of 27.58 yesterday and the lowest point was at 24.53. The resistance and support level was at 27.5 and 25 respectively. The market was still in a bumpy ride yesterday. The price is expected to hit a new high if break out the resistance level. If not, or selling pressure occurs, the price may fall back when investors shall sell limit and keep tracking, while short position is advised to hold.


The daily high of LINK was at 31.22 with the lowest being 27.30. The resistance level was at 30 points, and the expected support level was at 30 points. The price of LINK is keeping rising in a short term, and there is a need to turnover. Investors can still hold position as rising trend keeps going.

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