LBank × ACGN Protocol South Korea Event Recap: Discover, Create, Connect — ACGN Protocol Showcase

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3 min readNov 27, 2023


On November 25th, a significant event unfolded in South Korea, marking a pivotal moment in the ACGN (anime, comics, games, novels) ecosystem. The event, held in collaboration between LBank and ACGN Protocol, showcased the convergence of creativity and technology in the Web3 space.

Attendees were greeted with IEO (Initial Exchange Offering) eligibility wristbands and delightful welcome gifts, setting a positive and engaging tone for the evening ahead.

A keynote speech was the event’s centerpiece, shedding light on the LBK background and the intricacies of the ACGN project. This insightful speech explored the criteria for IEO eligibility, underlining the event’s crucial role in the digital assets realm and setting the stage for in-depth discussions.

Participation in the IEO was an exciting opportunity, open to those who deposited a minimum of 1000 USDT. The allocation of IEO shares was based on a snapshot of each participant’s wealth value, establishing a clear incentive for higher deposits to garner better benefits. In a move to reward early birds, the first 100 attendees were granted special IEO quota benefits, emphasizing the value of prompt participation in such pioneering events.

An open discussion session followed, marked by a congenial atmosphere of collaboration and mutual learning. The room buzzed with ideas and insights as attendees enjoyed snacks and beverages, fostering a space for networking and shared experiences.

ACGN Protocol Highlights

The event spotlighted the AI-Powered Creation capabilities of the ACGN Protocol. This AI-driven creator ecosystem enables users to craft derivative content from original IPs, leveraging AI tools to build a dynamic NFT content network.

The platform’s offering of comprehensive tools and its intricate tokenomics were also a focal point. These tools include AI creator aids and visual novel makers, all supported by the protocol’s native utility token, $AIMEME. This part of the presentation illuminated the multifaceted nature of the platform, blending technology with creative freedom.

Additionally, the event emphasized the importance of governance and community engagement. It highlighted how the ACGN Protocol encourages active participation in decision-making processes and platform development, fostering a sense of ownership and collaboration among its users.

Future Plans and Innovations

The launch of the ACGN AI Generator was a major announcement, introducing a tool specifically designed for generating ACGN-style comic works. This innovative tool symbolizes the protocol’s commitment to facilitating creativity and ease of use for creators.

Significant enhancements to the visual novel maker were also unveiled, with plans to introduce support for Live 2D and gaming features. This upgrade promises to add more depth and interactivity to the user experience.

The upcoming launch of the Creator Center was another key highlight. Promising comprehensive support for creators, this development is set to be a game-changer, providing an all-encompassing hub for creative activity. The event also announced an initiative for UGC (User Generated Content) game publishing. This move aims to weave together ACGN content and gaming, creating a unique platform for creators to showcase their talents.

Finally, the plans for community and ecosystem development were shared. These plans include expanding into more cultural genres and exploring AI applications on SocialFi, underlining the protocol’s dedication to cultural diversity and community engagement. This forward-looking approach promises to enrich the ACGN ecosystem with a wide array of creative possibilities.