DORA(Dora Factory) to be Listed on LBank

Dear LBank users:

DORA(Dora Factory) will be listed on LBank at 18:00 on March 22, 2021 (UTC+8), the details are as follows:

Trading Pair: DORA/USDT

Deposit Enable: already opened

Trading Open: 18:00 on March 22, 2021 (UTC+8)

Withdrawal Enable: The withdrawal time is subject to the subsequent announcement.

· About DORA(Dora Factory)

Dora Factory is a DAO-as-a-service infrastructure based on Polkadot, and an open and programmable on-chain governance protocol platform based on Substrate. It provides quadratic voting, curve auctions, Bounty incentives, and cross-platform governance for a new generation of decentralized organizations and developers. Pluggable governance functions such as chain asset management. At the same time, developers can submit new governance modules to this DAO-as-a-service platform and receive continuous incentives.


Blockchain browser:



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