DFT(dFuture) to be Listed on LBank

Dear LBank users:

DFT(dFuture) will be listed on LBank at 20:00 on March 9, 2021 (UTC+8), the details are as follows:

Trading Pair: DFT/USDT

Deposit Enable: 18:00 on March 9, 2021 (UTC+8)

Trading Open: 20:00 on March 9, 2021 (UTC+8)

Withdrawal Enable: 18:00 on March 12, 2021 (UTC+8)

· About DFT(dFuture)

DFT is the platform currency of the dFuture platform. Its value is supported by part of the transaction fee of the platform. DFT has many uses on the dFuture platform.

Total Supply:400 M

Website: https://www.dfuture.com/home

Blockchain browser: https://hecoinfo.com/token/0x42712df5009c20fee340b245b510c0395896cf6e

Whitepaper: https://dfuture.com/oss-files/dFuture%E7%99%BD%E7%9A%AE%E4%B9%A6.pdf



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