Copy Trading Master’s Winning Strategies Review — Episode 25

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2 min readFeb 15, 2024

Easy Follow, Smart Trade! Discover the winning strategies of our popular traders.

  1. Copy Trading Master’s Introduction

User Nickname: Big Bird in the Sky

Trader’s Profile:

Trading Style: Swing Trading

2. Trade Operation Recap

Long BTCUSDT with 50x leverage in cross mode (medium-to-long term trading), opening at 38,650 USDT, closing at 43,422.8 USDT, achieving a profit of +617.3%. See the chart below:

3. Trade Review

3.1 Market Background

On January 11, 2024 (Asia time), according to the SEC official website, Gary Gensler, the Chairman of the U.S. SEC, issued a personally signed statement approving the listing and trading of certain Bitcoin spot ETPs (including ETFs).

On Thursday, February 1, Federal Reserve Chairman Powell stated that the Fed might wait until after March to cut interest rates, expecting three rate cuts this year, lower than the market’s expectations. On Friday, February 2, the U.S. added 353,000 non-farm jobs in January, nearly twice the analysts’ expected increase, marking the largest monthly increase in a year, with a total upward adjustment of 126,000 in the first two months; the unemployment rate stabilized at 3.7%.

3.2 Trade Analysis

The overall market has shown weakness after the ETF launch, with many cryptocurrencies at mid-term highs. Adjustments at the weekly level are needed, and BTC’s monthly chart is also under pressure at the Bollinger Band upper limit. For long-term strategy, it’s advisable to look for low positions on the daily chart level to go long.

3.3 Winning Strategies Summary

Hold some spot positions and accumulate more on dips. It’s an overall uptrend cycle; exercise patience, hold onto your spot assets, and wait for opportunities to blossom.

Note: Personal opinion, for reference only. Opportunities and risks abound, always do your research before investing.