Copy Trading Master’s Winning Strategies Review — Episode 10

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3 min readNov 3, 2023

Easy Follow, Smart Trade! Discover the winning strategies of our popular traders.

  1. Copy Trading Master’s Introduction

User Nickname: @Onlooker

Trader’s Profile:

Trading Style: Hedge Arbitrage, Swing Trading, Intraday Trading

2. Trade Operation Recap

Going short on MKRUSDT with 20x leverage, opening at $1415.9 USDT, closing at $1372 USDT, with a single trade profit rate of +62.02%. As shown in the figure below:

3. Trade Review

3.1 Market Background

On October 26, the U.S. real GDP for the third quarter was initially reported at an annualized seasonally adjusted rate of 4.9%, surpassing the expected 4.5% and the previous value of 2.1%. These strong economic data reinforce the market’s expectation that the Federal Reserve will maintain higher interest rates for a longer period. Investors are betting that in the upcoming November interest rate meeting, the Fed will likely refrain from raising rates but may maintain a hawkish tone in its statement.

3.2 Trade Analysis

From October 30 to November 1, the 1-hour chart of Bitcoin showed a ranging trend, as illustrated below:

As Bitcoin entered a wide-ranging and oscillatory trend, the cryptocurrency market started to differentiate.

After reaching a recent high of $1660 on October 24, MKR began to pull back. On October 28, MKR rebounded from around $1350 to $1450 but faced resistance, initiating a new round of decline.

On the 1-hour chart, MKR broke below the lower edge of a triangular pattern, rapidly declining to around $1400, and then started to rebound. With the exhaustion of the rebound momentum, an opportunity for swing trading emerged. As the price continued to drop, it found support near the previous low of around $50, marking the profit-taking point for the swing trade.

3.3 Winning Strategies Summary:

For swing trading, choose market trends that are smooth, apply strict stop-loss strategies, and take profits in a timely manner.

Note: Personal opinion, for reference only. Opportunities and risks abound, always do your research before investing.