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4 min readMar 2, 2021


Dear LBank users:

To benefit LBK community, LBank will launch the “Filecoin Full Hashrate” special sale on March 8. This round of sales will sell a total of 300,000 USDT equivalent Filecoin full hashrate. It is divided into a quota of 200,000 equivalent for the LBK special session, and a quota of 100,000 USDT for the USDT special session.

After purchasing Filecoin full hashrate, users will get a certain amount of FIL standard full hashrate token — SFIL. Each SFIL anchors 0.01T Filecoin’s full deposit hashrate, and holding SFIL will be the only proof to obtain corresponding Filecoin mining income. For example, if you purchase 10T hashrate, you will get 1000 SFIL, and hold SFIL can get the corresponding Filecoin mining income.

Filecoin standard full hashrate’s abbreviation is SFIL, and the detailed rules are as follows:

Activity information

About SFIL: SFIL is a standard full deposit hashrate token that anchors Filecoin’s hashrate. Each SFIL anchors 0.01T Filecoin’s full deposit hashrate, and users who hold SFIL can get the corresponding Filecoin mining income. At the same time, users can also trade SFIL in the secondary market to release their liquidity at any time.

Note: After the hashrate sales end, you can get FIL mining income in LBank by holding SFIL until the SFIL2.0 upgrade is completed, then SFIL will improve the mining experience. SFIL official will transfer the total mining income into LBank address every day, and the users can obtain FIL mining income according to the corresponding proportion of users holding SFIL amount. Example: User A holds 100 SFIL on that day, the LBank fund pool has a total of 100,000 SFIL on that day, the project party transfers 10,000 FIL income to the public address, and user A receives income of 10,000 FIL*(100/100,000)=10 FIL

Sales information

Subscription time: 03.08 16:00–03.09 16:00 (UTC+8)

Total subscription amount: 333T

Subscription currency: USDT

Subscription Mode: weighted average allocation

Participation Condition: Users need to complete the KYC Verification.

Subscription price ratio: Calculated by multiplying the SFIL price on March 8 by the specified coefficient.

&1 LBK Special

Purchase limit: The LBK community enjoys a special quota of 200,000 USDT. The subscription quota is set according to the amount of LBK (spot) held by the user within the specified time. Users who do not hold LBK cannot participate. The number of LBK holdings of the user is based on the average of the specified snapshot time. The number of LBK holdings is calculated. The higher the amount of LBK held by the user, the higher the subscription amount.

The following is the comparison table between the number of LBK held for this subscription and the subscription limit:

Comparison table of average holdings and subscription quota

* LBK position snapshot period (14 days): 02.23 00:00 to 03.08 00:00 (UTC+8)

Daily snapshot time: a random time of each natural day in the specified period

&2 USDT Special

Limited purchase quantity: LBank users who meet the KYC conditions can participate in the purchase of 100,000 USDT. The maximum purchase limit for a single user is 1,000 USDT. This special session does not conflict with the LBK special session.

Trading time:

SFIL/USDT trading pair will be launched at 18:00 on March 9th (UTC+8)

Online trading pair: SFIL/USDT

Subscription result announcement

LBank will announce the subscription result within 2 hours after the subscription ends. USDT used for subscription will be deducted. The actual subscription limit will be calculated within 2 hours, and the following processing will be completed:

1 Deduct the USDT actually successfully subscribed;

2 USDT refunded after deducting the subscription fee;

3 Complete the distribution of the subscription currency;


Actual account subscription limit = (account valid subscription limit)/(total subscription total on the day) * (total sales limit on the day)

⚠️Note: Users need to complete identity verification (KYC) and not be in the following countries or regions to participate in the sale of this project.

List of countries or regions restricted to participate: Belarus, Republic of Congo, Iran, Mainland China, Iraq, North Korea, Sudan, Syria, United States of America and its territories (American Samoa, Guam, Northern Mariana Islands, Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands), Zimbabwe.

* Sales is a high-risk investment method, investors are requested to participate rationally and beware of investment risks. LBank does not assume responsibility for guarantees, compensation, etc. for any investment behavior;

* The final interpretation right of the event belongs to LBank.

If you have problems, please contact LBank official email:, and we will provide sincere, friendly and immediate service for you. We also welcome you to join official English community to discuss the latest issue, (Telegram):



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