Announcement that LBank launches the Activity about “Celebrate the listing of ELCASH, and share 1000 ELCASH “

Dear LBank users:

To celebrate the listing of ELCASH, LBank will launch the “Celebrate the listing of ELCASH, share 1000 ELCASH” activities, including “New User Exclusive Benefits” and “ELCASH Trading Contest”.

Activity time: 3.4 18:00- 3.10 18:00(UTC+8)

Activity 1: Exclusive benefits for new users, trade or deposit 3 ELCASH, share 700 ELCASH

Total prize pool of activities: 700 ELCASH

Rule of activity:

During the event, new users who register at LBank and have an effective total trading volume of not less than 3 ELCASH or deposit 3 ELCASH can participate in the sharing of the exclusive prize pool for new users of 700 ELCASH.

Activity 2: ELCASH trading contest, share 300 ELCASH

Total prize pool of activities: 300 ELCASH

Participation conditions: need to complete the KYC Verification

Rule of activity:

During the event, users will be ranked according to the total effective ELCASH trading volume (buy+sell, excluding the amount of scalping) completed by users. The top 50 users will share 300 ELCASH according to the proportion of transactions.


1. Wash trading and any cheating conduct are prohibited. Otherwise, LBank has the right to deprive the prize, even frozen the account.

2. The list of winners will be announced within 3 working days after the event, and rewards will be issued.

3. The final interpretation right of this activity belongs to LBank.