Announcement that LBank Completed the Reward Distribution of BV Trading Contest

Dear LBank users:

LBank completed the BV Trading Contest at 15:00 on June 1. The result is as follows:

* In order to ensure fair activities, wash trading and any cheating conduct are prohibited. In the event of any violation that affects the normal operation of the activity, LBank will disqualify the relevant users from the reward. After the examination, the wash trading accounts have been canceled the reward eligibility, and their trading fees in this activity has been returned.

1. Sharing Prize

2. Airdrop Prize

Users whose trading volume is greater than 2222 BV and who are not in the top 50 in the same time are able to receive 10 BV each, with a limited amount of 1000 BV.

3. LBK Member Special

* The rewards have been distributed, please log in your LBank account to check it.

* The right of final interpretation of the activity belongs to LBank.

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