Announcement of LBank Launches PAMP Trading Contest to Share 6,888 PAMP

LBank Exchange
2 min readAug 31, 2020

Dear LBank users:

To celebrate the listing of PAMP, LBank will launch PAMP trading contest at 16:00 on September 1, 2020 (UTC+8), the details are as follows:

Total Reward: 6,888 PAMP

Time: 16:00 on September 1 to 16:00 on September 5 (UTC+8)

Participation Condition: Users need to complete the KYC verification.


「Daily Reward」

During the activity, ranking rewards will be based on daily trading volume (buying volume + selling volume). The transaction volume is calculated from 16:00 daily to 16:00 the next day. The specific rewards are as follows:

№1: 188 PAMP

№2: 88 PAMP

№3: 66 PAMP

「Ranking Reward」

During the activity, the top 10 traders who contributed the most to the PAMP trading volume can share 844 PAMP

№1: 288 PAMP

№2: 188 PAMP

№3: 88 PAMP

№4–10: share 280 PAMP

Sharing Prize

During the activity,the top 1000 users whose trading volume is greater than 1,000 PAMP can share 4676 PAMP, which don’t include the above winners.


1. Trading volume = buy+sell

2. Wash trading and any cheating conduct are prohibited. Otherwise, LBank has the right to deprive the prize.

3. The results will be announced on the day of the daily rewards, and the final results will be announced within three working days after the end of the activity.

4. This activity’s final interpretation belongs to the LBank team.

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