Announcement of LBank Launches GUSDT Trading Contest to Share 1,076 GUSDT

Dear LBank users:

To celebrate the listing of GUSDT, LBank will launch GUSDT trading contest at 15:00 on December 26, 2020 (UTC+8), the details are as follows:

Total Reward: 1,076 GUSDT

Time: 2020/12/26 15:00–2021/1/1 15:00 (UTC+8)

Participation Condition: Users need to complete the KYC verification.

Daily Rewards:

During the activity, ranking rewards will be based on daily trading volume (buying volume + selling volume). The transaction volume is calculated from 150:00 daily to 15:00 the next day. The specific rewards are as follows:

№1: 30 GUSDT

№2: 10 GUSDT

№3: 5 GUSDT

Ranking Rewards:

During the activity, the top 10 traders who contributed the most to the GUSDT trading volume can share 520 GUSDT

№1: 300 GUSDT

№2: 100 GUSDT

№3: 50 GUSDT

№4–10: share 70 GUSDT

Encouragement Rewards:

The top 50 users whose trading volume is greater than 60 GUSDT can share 286 GUSDT, which doesn’t include the above winners.


  1. Trading volume = buy+sell



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