Announcement of LBank launches 「Filecoin Discount Carnival」 10% off FIL6 Special Sale

Dear LBank Users:

In order to welcome the launching of Filecoin’s main network, LBank organized there “Filecoin Carnivals”, respectively “Filecoin Discount Carnival”, “Filecoin Computing Power Carnival” and “Filecoin Community Carnival”. Details are as follows:

From July 13th, before the launching of Filecoin’s main network, LBank will open the Filecoin discount carnival. Each round of 5000 FIL6 discount quotas will be sold at a 10% discount on the first day. If they are not sold out, the remaining quota will be increased by a 10% discount rate, and they will continue to be sold the next day. If there are still unsold FIL6 quotas after 10 days of selling, the remaining part of FIL6 will be given away for free; if it sold out within 10 days, this round of sales is over. Each person can participate in at most one discount sale. The details are as follows:

Subscription theme: Go big or Go home, LBank dropping free money

Subscription time: 19:00–20:00 (UTC+8), the first round of opening time is on July 13rd, the first Monday after the end of each round, start the next round.

Total subscription: 5000 FIL6 per round

Subscription token: USDT

Subscription model: first come first served

Participation conditions: need to pass KYC verification, position in LBank ≥2000LBK.

Subscription price: Price will be discounted at the average price of FIL6 on the LBank platform 2 hours before the daily sale.

Subscription discount: If the purchase amount is not fully sold during the sales period of the day, the remaining amount will be sold at the same period the next day, and the average price for the first 2 hours will be re-acquired, and the discount rate will be increased by 10%. That is, the discount rate = (10-the number of days when the quota is sold) / 10). And so on, until the 10th day purchase will be completely free.

Minimum subscription quantity: 10 USDT

Purchase amount for per person: The maximum subscription amount for eligible users is 10 FIL6.

※ Example:

  • On the first day of the second round, the discount rate is 10%. If the average price is 1FIL6 = 20 USDT, the calculation result of FIL6 sales is: 1 FIL6 = 18 USDT.

※ Notes: Each person participates at most “one time” discount sale. No matter how many FIL6 subscriptions are involved in this round, it is regarded as a “one-time” subscription. You must wait for the round to end before continuing to participate.


* LBank「Filecoin Discount Carnival」 is a high-risk investment method, investors should participate rationally and guard against investment risks. LBank is not responsible for any investment behavior such as guarantee, compensation, etc.;

* All participating users, institutions, communities, etc. must not violate the rules, and once found, they will directly cancel the participation qualifications of the event, and will be issued with rewards;

* The final interpretation of this event belongs to LBank.

Click 「HERE」 to participate in the sale.

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