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6 min readJul 13, 2020


Dear LBank Users:

In order to welcome the launching of Filecoin’s main network, LBank organized there “Filecoin Carnivals”, respectively “Filecoin Discount Carnival”, “Filecoin Computing Power Carnival” and “Filecoin Community Carnival”. Details are as follows:

「Filecoin discount carnival」

From July 13th, before the launching of Filecoin’s main network, LBank will open the Filecoin discount carnival. Each round of 5000 FIL6 discount quotas will be sold at a 10% discount on the first day. If they are not sold out, the remaining quota will be increased by a 10% discount rate, and they will continue to be sold the next day. If there are still unsold FIL6 quotas after 10 days of selling, the remaining part of FIL6 will be given away for free; if it sold out within 10 days, this round of sales is over. Each person can participate in at most one discount sale. The details are as follows:

Subscription theme: Go big or Go home, LBank dropping free money

Subscription time: 19:00–20:00 (UTC+8), the first round of opening time is on July 13rd, the first Monday after the end of each round, start the next round.

Total subscription: 5000 FIL6 per round

Subscription token: USDT

Subscription model: first come first served

Participation conditions: need to pass KYC verification, position in LBank ≥2000LBK.

Subscription price: Price will be discounted at the average price of FIL6 on the LBank platform 2 hours before the daily sale.

Subscription discount: If the purchase amount is not fully sold during the sales period of the day, the remaining amount will be sold at the same period the next day, and the average price for the first 2 hours will be re-acquired, and the discount rate will be increased by 10%. That is, the discount rate = (10-the number of days when the quota is sold) / 10). And so on, until the 10th day purchase will be completely free.

※ Example:

  • On the first day of the second round, the discount rate is 10%. If the average price is 1FIL6 = 20 USDT, the calculation result of FIL6 sales is: 1 FIL6 = 18 USDT.
  • On the seventh day of the second round, the discount rate is 30%. If the average price is 1FIL6 = 25 USDT, the calculation result of FIL6 sales is: 1 FIL6 = 7.5 USDT

Minimum subscription quantity: 10 USDT

Purchase amount for per person: The maximum subscription amount for eligible users is 10 FIL6.

※ Notes: Each person participates at most “one time” discount sale. No matter how many FIL6 subscriptions are involved in this round, it is regarded as a “one-time” subscription. You must wait for the round to end before continuing to participate.

「 Filecoin Computing Power Carnival」

From July 15th, LBank will launch a computing power carnival and invite all Filecoin computing power manufacturers to join. LBank will screen out the final winner through various activities and conduct hash power consignment on the LBank platform.

Carnival time: July 15 to July 31(UTC+8)

Carnival rules: LBank will select three Filecoin computing power vendors that best meet the needs of LBank users through a total of three rounds of sea elections, professional reviews, and user subscription evaluations.

  • Mass-election

Time: July 15th to July 18th(UTC+8)

Mass-election method: LBank will invite computing power vendors to conduct online AMA in the LBank community, and all users will vote to select four Filecoin computing power vendors to advance to the next round of professional review.

AMA community: to be announced after going live

Voting link: to be announced after launching

  • Professional review

Time: July 22th to July 23th(UTC+8)

Judging method: LBank launched an online debate contest on the theme “Core Competitiveness of Filecoin Mining Machines”, invited four Filecoin computing power manufacturers to launch a debate contest, and invited professional media and community representatives as review institutions, each professional media and community has 1 Vote, two computing power vendors will be selected by voting.

  • User selection

Time: July 24th to July 31th(UTC+8)

Judging method: LBank will open the subscription of computing power of two computing power manufacturers, with USDT as the unit, and the one with more subscriptions will win. The USDT subscribed by the winner is regarded as the actual subscription, which is regarded as the direct purchase of Filecoin computing power. The USDT subscribed by the losing party will be returned to the user. At the same time, during the subscription period, all subscribed USDTs enjoy LBank current USDT Demand Deposit benefit.

「 Filecoin Community Carnival」

From July 27th, LBank will invite 10 Filecoin high-quality communities to participate in the LBank community carnival based on indicators such as community activity, Filecoin community consensus, and community popularity. These communities will compete for the LBank designated Filecoin community through three rounds of activities. The winner will be rewarded with 50% of all Filecoin-related transaction fees from LBank in August.

Carnival time: July 27th to July 31th(UTC+8)

  • The first round of activities: LBank gives the equivalent Filecoin quota for each community, and the heads of each community count the subscription quota of their own community within the agreed time, based on the number of registered people, that is, the more registered people, the higher the score When the number of registered people is the same, the score will be the same. The community with the highest number of registered people will get 10 points this round, the second gets 9 points, and so on.
  • The second round of activities: The head of the LBank community will distribute 500 yuan of 25 people’s red packet in the 10 selected communities. The length of time the red packet are received will be used as the scoring criterion. The longer the time for receiving all red packets the higher the score, and the same score when receiving the same amount of time. The community with the longest final time will receive 10 points this round, 9 points for the second place, and so on. If a red envelope is thrown in the community for more than 15 minutes and is not collected fully, the community will get 10 points, and the head of the LBank community will add a 2,000 yuan red packets to that community.
  • The third round of activities: through the LBK community page, the selected 10 high-quality communities encourage community users to join their own communities. After the deadline, we will count the FIL6 positions and computing power sales participation of each community based on the community member accounts of each community. Based on the total value of USDT, the community with the higher total value will get the highest score and the same score when the value is the same; 20 points for the first place and 18 points for the second place, and so on.

Final result: The three rounds of events contain a total of 40 points, and the community with the highest score will receive 50% of all Filecoin-related transaction fee as income from LBank in August as a reward. Including but not limited to: FIL spot, FIL6, FIL12, FIL36, etc


1. All participating users, institutions, communities, etc. must not violate the rules, and once found, they will directly cancel the participation qualifications of the event, and will be issued with rewards;

2. The final interpretation of this event belongs to LBank.

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