Announcement of LBank launches 「Deposit RAZE To share 10,000 USDT」

Dear LBank Users:

In order to celebrate the RAZE listing, LBank will launch the「Deposit RAZE To share 10,000 USDT」 activity, the details as follows:

[Deposit and share 10,000 USDT]

Participation time:2021/4/16 23:00–2021/4/23 23:00(UTC+8)

Rules: During the event, the user’s net deposit amount is no less than 1 RAZE, and then the user can get 1% of the RAZE equivalent to USDT. The prize pool is 10,000 USDT, first come, first served, and the maximum reward for a single user is 200 USDT.

※ The calculated price is based on the average price of tokens during the event period.


  1. Net deposit= deposit amount — withdrawal amount.
  2. In order to ensure the fairness of the activities, wash trading and any cheating conduct are prohibited. Otherwise, LBank has the right to deprive the prize.
  3. After the event, the winners will be announced within 7 working days and rewards will be issued.
  4. The final interpretation of this event belongs to the LBank team.




LBank ( ——The World’s Leading Digital Asset Exchange.

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LBank Exchange

LBank Exchange

LBank ( ——The World’s Leading Digital Asset Exchange.

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